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Name  Afrin.N.Shaikh.
Educational Qualification  M.COM, M.A(in economics),B.ED.
Specialization  Commerce.
Subject Thought  O.C, S.P, B.K, ECO.
Convener and other responsibility Lecturer, co-ordinator of soft skills course.
Work Experience  15 years
Invited As Guest personality development speaker in S.N.D.T. University.
Name  Reena Gopalnath Pandey
Educational Qualification  M.A B.ed
Specialization  HINDI
Subject Thought  HINDI
Work Experience 3YRS
Name  Sana Siddiqui
Educational Qualification  MSC (Mathematics)
Specialization  Mathematics.
Subject Thought Mathematics & Statistics, Discrete Mathematics (computer Science) .
Convener and other responsibility Lecturer
Work Experience 2 years
Visiting faculty Visiting Faculty in Ismail Yusuf College.
Name  Khan Tauseef Ahmed
Educational Qualification  M.Com , B.Ed
Specialization  Commerce
Subject Thought  Eco, S.P, O.C & B.K
Work Experience  4yrs
Name Shaikh Momd Asfaq
Educational Qualification MMS,BED
Specialization B.K
Subject Thought B.K
Work Experience 7 Years
Name Asma M. Moizuddin
Educational Qualification MA, BED
Specialization English
Subject Thought English
Work Experience 10 Years
Name Sana Siddiqui
Educational Qualification MSC, BED
Specialization Mathematics
Subject Thought Mathematics
Work Experience 3 Years
Name Anam Qureshi
Educational Qualification MSCIT
Specialization IT
Subject Thought IT
Work Experience 2 Years
Name Almaz Nizar Virji
Educational Qualification MCOM,BED
Specialization S.P, O.C
Subject Thought S.P, O.C
Work Experience 3 Years
Name Huma Khan
Educational Qualification MCOM , BED
Specialization English, O.C
Subject Thought English, O.C
Work Experience 2 Years