Oriental Education Society was established in the year 1992 under the dynamic leadership of well known educationist and former Cabinet Minister for Education of the Government of Maharashtra, Prof. Javed Khan. Being from an educational background himself (retired professor), the founder President understood the nuances of education and had a vision for where it was to go. The President along with a team of highly educated members set about this task of enhancing the availability of quality education throughout Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. The other members of the trust come from varying spheres of life which included doctors, engineers & teachers.

• The OES Vision Statement

An Enlightened & Educated world built on knowledge, character & integrity.

• The OES Mission Statement

We aim to develop innovative, principled, insightful and socially responsible leaders to lead the emerging economy. We continue to inculcate corporate social responsibility to help them enhance quality of life through excellence and leadership in education, research and consultancy.

• The OES Code of Ethics

Integrity is one of the core values of OES. Thus, we are committed to lawful and ethical behavior in all of society’s activities. At OES, we insist that all members of the society and community – our board members, employees, students, and volunteers – comply with all laws, regulations, policies and ethical norms applicable to them. More generally, we are to be honest, fair, and trustworthy ourselves and to take care that other members of the university or community are too.

We, as members of the OES community, will:

1. Obey the laws, regulations, and policies applicable to our society’s activities.
2. Protect and preserve society resources and ensure their proper use.
3. Avoid both conflict of interest and the appearance of such conflicts.
4. Safeguard confidential information.
5. Make procurement decisions impartially and objectively.
6. Maintain effective internal controls to safeguard the regularity and integrity of our activities.
7. Treat other people with dignity and respect, ensuring there is no discrimination or harassment at OES.
8. Report any illegal or unethical action that comes to our attention, so the society can investigate and take corrective measures