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    Wide variety of courses: This College offers a wide variety of courses for every age group, starting from primary level to graduation…

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    In this challenging economic landscape, organizations must develop and execute innovative strategies to survive and thrive. Performance and..

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    We at OCCM, believe in providing platform for self development and preparing our students to stand in the completion of the professional world…

    Admission Started 2021-22

    Admission started for the year of 2021-22, click learn more to view details…

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    Degree College , BMS, Bsc.IT ATKT Results 2021

    DEGREE Tentative Exam Schedule 2021-22

    Notice for Additional Examination FY & SY BCOM, BMS, BSC IT

    SYJC Virtual Orientation Presentation For Academic Year 2021-22

    F.Y.B.COM - A, B (Regular) (Sem II) April 2021 S.Y.B.COM-A, B (Regular) (Sem IV) April 2021 F.Y. BMS & S.Y. BMS (Regular) (Sem II) & (Sem IV) April-2021

    FYBSc IT SEM-II , SYBSc IT SEM-IV Regular Semester End Examination April 2021

    Degree College Consolidated Mark List

    Consolidated Marksheet

    B. Com Sem II & IV Regular Additional Exam Time Table

    B.Sc.I.T. Sem II & IV Regular Additional Exam Time Table

    B.M.S. Sem II & IV Regular Additional Exam Time Table

    B. Com, B.M.S., B.Sc.I.T. Sem V ATKT Exam Time Table APRIL 2021 B. Com, B.M.S., B.Sc.I.T. AND Sem VI Regular/ATKT Exam Time Table APRIL 2021

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    Notice for Bcom BMS BSc. IT ATKT Examination April 2021 BMS BSC IT Regular Semester End Examination April 2021


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    Revised Notice for TYBCOM TYBMS and TYBSC IT Semester V Summer Session 2021

    Degree Student Council Body Academic Year 2020-21

    Revised Notice T.Y.B. Com/ T.Y.BMS / T.Y.B.Sc.(1. T) Semester VI Summer Sesion 2021 (Only for the Repeater Students)

    Notice for T.Y.B. Com/ T.Y.BMS/T.Y.B.Sc.(1.T) Semester V Summer Session 2021 (Only for the Repeater Students)

    Gazette Copy for the B.COM (SEM.-VI) (CBCGS)(7 Grade Point) Examination Held in December 2020

    Gazette Copy for the B.COM (SEM.-VI) (CBCS) Examination Held in December 2020,

    Saptarang Junior College Winner List 202021

    TY B. Sc. Information Technology) (Semester V) (CBCGS) Examination Held in December 2020

    T.Y.B.COM. SEM VCBSGS75 25 Examination Held in December 2020

    TY B.COM.(SEM.V)(CBCGS)7 Grade Point Examination Held in December 2020

    TY B.COM (SEM.V)(CBCS) Examination Held in December 2020

    TY Bachelor of Management Studies (Sem V) (CBCGS) (75 25) (Choice Base)(10 Grade) Examination Held in December 2020

    FYJC & SYJC First Semester & Prelims Exam 2021

    Degree Internal Time Table- Sem II, IV, VI

    Saptarang Mahotsav 2021 - Winners Degree College

    Degree Internal Time Table

    Saptarang Mahotsav 2021

    T.Y.B. Com/ T.Y.BMS/ T.Y.B.Sc.(I. T) SEMESTER VI SUMMER SESSION 2021 (Only for the Regular Students) , TY.B. Com/ T.Y.BMS/ T.Y.B.Sc.(1. T) SEMESTER VI SUMMER SESSION 2021 (Only for the Repeater Students)

    FYJC & SYJC Unit Test & Prelims Exam

    Saptarang Mahotsav 2021

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    OCCM Reopening of College

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    OCCM in Words

    Shaikh Gulnar
    “Life at OCCM transformed completely transformed the view point towards life. It not only helped in gaining technical knowledge but also inspired and motivated for all around development ranging from sports to cultural. The presence in the premier institute inculcated a sense of leadership, self-independence, and responsibility. The quality of education inspired to develop a mindset of reasoning leading to a sense of questioning to know the proof behind existence of things. The facilities at the institute never made us feel the absence of homelike facilities rather inspired to work hard and farewell.
    Shaikh Gulnar

    Shubham Parab
    “Life at OCCM is the most treasured part of my life. These 3 years have indeed taught me a lot. The college life has taught me to be independent and given me the strength to sustain in real world, where you know you are the one responsible for every action you do and every decision you make. Often the things did not turn out ethically correct whether it was from student’s side or administration or faculty, but this experience has also taught me how to deal with things without losing your respect and ethics. I have got my best of friends in this college. I loved my college. Today I only hold the pleasant memories of OCCM in my heart.”
    Shubham Parab

    Fahad Lone
    “OCCM is an ideal platform for a young student interested in Information Technology. It has served for me as an excellent platform. it served me an excellent environment to study Bsc-IT.The international collaboration, which may be considered as one of the best across the country, and the Campus placements are also something that remains open to all those who wish to benefit from it. I would recommend this institute to any young student looking for a right place to do his Information Technology.”
    Fahad Lone

    Sejal Verma
    “I spent three years in OCCM. One thing I liked the most is the environment of OCCM. I learned lot of things which will help me in my personal as well as professional life. At last I will just say wherever I will be tomorrow but OCCM will remain always with me in my heart and I loved OCCM very much and I will…”
    Sejal Verma

    Soniya Yadav
    “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them” – John.F.Kennedy.
    The three golden years of my life spent at OCCM was a perfect roller-coaster ride. Through the ups and downs, I gained the strength to face challenges confidently and emerged out with flying colors. The encouragement to balance academics and co-curricular activities imbibed the sense of holistic development. Emphasis for discipline, respect for moral values along with quenching the ever-lasting thirst for knowledge made me a complete individual. The care and affection with which every member of OCCM family nurtured me has set deep gratitude and love for the institution.
    Soniya Yadav

    Ashish Ramakrishnan
    It has been a very delightful experience having spent 3 years at OCCM. These were my best years of my life. Thanks to OCCM for all encouragement and support. I was very happy to be an active member of the cultural activities that took OCCM to the top. Thanks to the faculty members for their love and support. OCCM Rocks, I am proud to be a member of OCCM family.
    Ashish Ramakrishnan

    Madhavi K
    My stay at OCCM is unforgettable. All the faculties were extraordinary and always available any time we had problems, we never hesitated to approach them. I never felt it was a new college.
    Madhavi K

    Adithya Athreya
    First time I saw OCCM it was an experience beyond words. It will forever be etched in my mind thus OCCM has become a part of my life. It has shaped my future and will continue shaping my future. I know OCCM will always be there for me when I need it.
    Adithya Athreya

    Sahana M. Nadig
    It was an amazing experience to be a part of such a reputed and disciplined institution. It was always a second home.Faculties are very kind, friendly and gave a parental advice when required. Discipline was given highest priority. I am proud to be at OCCM. Thanks to all for making 3 years of my life a memorable and sweet one.
    Sahana M. Nadig

    Vasanth Vallab B.Naib
    OCCM’s contribution towards what I’m today is immense .OCCM makes the student think and dream in a big way. It respects values, preaches and uploads ethics, never compromises. It has got all the traits and drive as a team to become one of the best institution ever!
    Vasanth Vallab B.Naib

    Pooja Prakash
    I had a terrific time in OCCM. I could actually nurture some skills like essay writing, oratory skills etc. I was lucky enough to be placed in campus. The department is excellent and the staffs are fabulous.
    Pooja Prakash

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