1. Wide variety of courses: This College offers a wide variety of courses for every age group, starting from primary level to graduation, and post graduation (BEd). Current students of OCCM have priority for admissions to our other programs over the students from other institutes. Therefore we provide very good options.
  2. Achievements: Each year students from our college are honoured for their exceptional performance on the athletic field, cultural, to academic.
  3. College activities: The students participate in many inter college festivals which are held in Mumbai, in various extra curricular activities like debate, singing, essay writing, elocution, sports etc.
  4. College Magazine: The college magazine Yeshaya is one of the precious gems in the crown of The Oriental society. It is like an open forum where students can express their views and opinion. The magazine showcases the literary, cultural, sports activities and achievements of the students. It also contains the valuable insights from our elite faculty, the head of the institution, and the members of the managing committee.
  5. Infrastructure: We have spacious classrooms, well-equipped computer science laboratories, and a large library.
  6. Seminars and Conferences: Our faculties attend various seminars and workshops at national and international levels. Students also participate in training programs for youth to build their capacity.
  7. Placements: The College is able to fetch some renowned private companies for the campus placements.

Discipline: We believe it is our duty to develop and atmosphere that is essentially ‘SAFE’ and accommodating towards all children from all backgrounds.