1. To synergize Information Technology in its entire ramification.
  2. To provide basic inputs in various aspects of and a broad understanding of IT and its other interdisciplinary interfaces.
  3. Focus of the program is Information Technology and Management of Information Technology.
  4. To cater to the needs of effectively managing the business by bridging the gap between managerial practices in vogue and Information Technology.

Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) B.Sc. (I.T.).
With the growing use of Computers and Information Technology in our day to day life, it is necessary that we have the trained man power to manufacture, maintain and use the Computers as well as   write the software required for the effective and efficient use of the computers and IT. If we try to understand one of the most common features that have enabled the businesses to become successful is that they all have evolved to become information enabled business.  Role played by Information technology is that of a driver rather than an enabler. I.T. is used from Simple Office Automation to Decision Support, Re-Engineering and Organization Transformation. A new genre of manpower / managers is required to harness the awesome capabilities of Information Technology and to tap the potential of this tool to its maximum. This course, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, is designed and introduced by University of Mumbai to bridge this gap and produce employable graduate in Information technology which will enable the industry to grow and he graduates to become successful in the field of Information Technology.

Duration of course:

  1. The course shall be a full time course. The duration of the course shall be six semesters spread over three years.
  2. Intake capacity – 60 students.
  3. The course shall consist of 29 modules of 150 marks each & 1 project of 150 marks each. Total 4500 marks.
  4. Each semester shall consist of 5 papers. Semester VI will have 4 papers and one project.
  5. Total number of lectures per paper per semester shall be maximum 60 of 50 minutes duration each. Number of lectures per paper per week shall be 5 in case of Theory papers and 1 practical session of 150 minutes per practical subject per week.
  6. On an average each semester will be of 15 working weeks.